Another evidence of Free West Papua hoax campaign

West Papua hoax campaign is like a virus that can create violent conflict in Papua and West Papua provinces. The picture above is taken from Free West Papua Campaign twitter account. This separatist propaganda account produced so may fake news and misleading information about West Papua.

This short article is based on evidence how Free West Papua seriously produced fake news and deceived their sympathizers for donations and other means of support. I have no idea how many times Benny Wenda and his organisations; the Oxford based Free West Papua Campaign (FWPC) and the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP). The corruption case of Benny Wenda has been known for years and many donors withdraw their donations. According to Benny’s friend CW, KS, and L (I have to protect their identities), there is no transparency when it comes to donations from donors.

This time, FWPC tried to deceived the world by saying:

“Indonesian Foreign Minister #RetnoMarsudi says her government is “overwhelmed” by the #ULMWP leadership”

The fact that Foreign Minister, Retno Marsudi never said such thing is an evidence that Free West Papua Campaing used every possible way to deceive the world about West Papua and Papua provinces.

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