Believe That The Second Period Of Papua’s Special Autonomy Will Be Better And More Transparent

by Endang Purwanti (Social and Political Observer)

The hustle and bustle of supporting and rejecting the extension of Special Autonomy for Papua Volume 2 continues. On Monday (28/9), the police forcibly dispersed student actions around Cendrawasih University (Uncen), Jayapura, Papua, who rejected the implementation of Special Autonomy Papua Volume 2.

Uncen Student Representative, Ayus Heluka stated that the students urged the study of the Special Autonomy Policy Volume 2 to involve the local people first before submitting it to the Regional Government of Papua Province. Students also demanded that a referendum be held. Thus, the Papuan people can determine their own destiny.

Previously, Papuan student activists had also visited the Ministry of Home Affairs Building in Jakarta, early September 2020. Unlike the action at Uncen, Papuan student activists actually supported the Papua Special Autonomy Policy Volume 2. They were received by the Director General of Politics and Law of the Ministry of Home Affairs, represented by Mr. Budi Arwan Head of Sub-Directorate for Papua and West Papua) and Miky Gobay from Papua (Staff of the Directorate General of Political and Legal Affairs of the Ministry of Home Affairs).

Jefri Papare, Papuan activists explained that they support the Papua Special Autonomy policy Volume 2. According to Jefri, in the Special Autonomy policy there are priority aspects for development in Papua and West Papua, including education, social welfare, health and infrastructure. Jefri only asked for improvements in Special Autonomy Papua Volume 2, which is tight supervision, including data on Special Autonomy scholarship recipients.

Another Papuan activist living in Bandung, Alfinides Pohowain added, the Papuan people must fully support the Papua Special Autonomy policy Volume 2. In its implementation, supervision needs to be carried out. Because many people are not responsible, aka the mafia who misuse Papua’s Special Autonomy funds. Among other things, the tuition fees from the Special Autonomy budget are always late for students from Papua to accept.

Support for the Papua Special Autonomy Policy Volume 2 also came from the Chairperson of the Papua Province Mandala Trikora Youth, Ali Albert Kabiay. According to Ali, he fully supports Special Autonomy Volume II in the Land of Papua for the interests and welfare of the people in Papua, especially the indigenous Papuan people.

For that, Ali asked groups that were opposed to the state, refused, and made a statement that Special Autonomy had failed to stop spreading issues with negative tendencies. Moreover, the special autonomy funds have been felt by groups or elites who indirectly also pushed for and rejected Special Autonomy itself.

Ali’s statement was agreed by the Puncak Ilaga Youth Leader, Mison Tabuni. Mison fully supports Special Autonomy Volume II in Papua and West Papua Provinces to improve Human Resources in Papua Province. Thus, the young generation of Papua will become the Golden generation in the future.

Mison appealed to the public not to be influenced by the issues that reject the government program, namely Special Autonomy Volume II. Currently, Papua and West Papua Provinces still need Special Autonomy for development in Papua in the fields of education, health, infrastructure, and the people’s economy.

The government itself is very open to receiving aspirations, complaints, suggestions or criticism from the public, including the aspirations of Papuan students. The Director General of Polpum at the Ministry of Home Affairs, Bahtiar said that the Ministry of Home Affairs had openly accepted the representatives of the protesters for a joint discussion.

A similar statement was made by the Special Staff of the Minister of Home Affairs for Security, Law and Supervision, Sang Made Mahendra Jaya. According to Sang Made Mahendra, in principle, the policy direction of the Ministry of Home Affairs in Special Autonomy for Papua Volume 2 aims to build prosperity in Papua.

Sang Made Mahendra asked the Papuan people to believe that the Minister of Home Affairs Tito Karnavian strongly supports the development of Papua from all aspects. And the thoughts of fellow Papuan students are very much needed to improve Papua.

Based on this statements, the government’s commitment in Papua Special Autonomy Volume 2 becomes clearer for the sake of the Papuan people, especially for the acceleration of development in Papua. With this commitment, we can be sure that the Special Autonomy for Papua Volume 2 will be better and more transparent for the benefit of Papua. ()

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