Electric Motor and Super Sun Technology Now Appearing in Sorong: Evidence of Special Autonomy in West Papua Not Failing

The city of Sorong, West Papua Province, is getting more advanced following the appearance of an electric motorbike made by the nation’s children that is environmentally friendly and Super Sun technology. At least this can be evidence that the implementation of Special Autonomy (Otsus) in West Papua has not failed. 

The State Electricity Company (PLN) and the Sorong City Environmental Protection and Management Agency introduced an electric motorbike made by the nation’s children that is environmentally friendly to residents by cooperating with the bicycle community. The electric motor made by the nation’s children is expected to be an environmentally friendly transportation solution. 

This activity was held in collaboration with Gesits Motor, the Super-Sun Team, PIKK (Employee and Employee Wives Association) and all stakeholders to cultivate Electrifying Lifestyle or a lifestyle that began to switch to electrical equipment. 
In accordance with the direction of the PLN Transformation in producing Green Energy, the Supersun Innovator Team (Sorong Ultimate Program For Electrifying – Sehen for the Country) has also succeeded in making an innovative device, namely the Solar Battery Generator (solar powered generator) which can be used to power village areas that are not yet electrified environmentally friendly and easy to implement.
Besides being easy to implement, SuperSun can also be used to charge electric motors and electricity needs at home such as induction stoves, microwaves and so on. Super-Sun is a product of the innovative work of the PLN UP3 Sorong TEAM which consists of Deskiniel, Ricky Saputra, and Steflint Gabriello which has been implemented in several disadvantaged villages. In addition, PIKK Sorong also demonstrated the use of induction stoves that are safer, more comfortable, economical and cleaner than other conventional stoves.
PLN, through Super-Sun, strongly supports the presence of the Karya Anak Bangsa Electric Motor to create a Zero Carbon Footprint, where the energy source for charging our electric motors is taken from solar energy which is then channeled through the SuperSun Device to charge motor batteries and can be used daily. PLN invites the people of Sorong city to be aware of carbon emissions and start turning to environmentally friendly energy.
In addition, PLN has also introduced the New PLN mobile application as an application for PLN services in a hand that can be accessed by customers, all PLN services starting from New Install, Power changes, Temporary Connections, disturbance reports, complaints, independent kWh stand reports and PLN promo information. others can be accessed easily through the New PLN Mobile application. 
However to add further explanation please the following translated article from asianculture.net

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