Papua Traditional Foods You Should Know

Papua traditional foods are famous for their exotic taste. The cooking isn’t just the principle fascination of this territory yet the food is an image of different societies in Papua. There might be numerous individuals who don’t have the foggiest idea about the customary food of this region. Here is some famous Papuan food that you should know.


This food isn’t just an average food of West Papua. This food is produced using sago. Papeda ought to be cooked for a few minutes until the surface of the food can transform into mush. The white porridge with the clingy surface appears as though stick and the kind of this food is tasteless. Ordinarily, Papeda will be eaten with fish or mubara. The fish is cooked with turmeric so the fish sauce gets yellow and the flavor of the fish gets exquisite.

Sago Martabak

This martabak produced using sago spread with earthy colored sugar. Sago Martabak that originates from Fakfak Regencyis not the same as the omelette or sweet martabak. The factor that recognizes this martabak from different nourishments is the staple utilized in making martabak. Martabak is made with sago so this martabak taste sweet and heavenly.

Sago Caterpillar Satay

Sago caterpillar satay is famous and challenging among local and foreign tourists in West Papua. For Papuan, this food is just an ordinary cuisine. Perhaps you will feel nausea if this your first time to see this food. Sago caterpillar is a caterpillar starting from an old sago tree trunk. Indigenous Papuans are acquainted with living in nature so indigenous Papuans eat these sago worms as part of their normal life. Sago caterpillars will be scorched and treated like satay.

Grilled Fish Manokwari

Manokwari is a financial and culinary focus in West Papua. The city has an assortment of well known nourishments to different territories. The kind of fish utilized for this dish is fish. On the off chance that you visit Manokwari, at that point you should taste this fiery dish. The sambal for this fish is not the same as other sauce. The barbecued fish will taste sweet and fiery on your tongue. The sambal is delectable with bean stew and new flavors.

Fish Wrap

This fish is equivalent to pepes fish yet the thing that matters is seen from the primary fixings. The fish wrap utilizes a sort of marine fish to be wrapped and cooked impeccably. This dish utilizes an assortment of spices and leaves. Preparing will be placed into leaves and wrapped with fish. The fish will be scorched until cooked.

Cheating Shrimp

This is an interesting food on the grounds that the food is alluded to as the conning shrimp. This shrimp has a hook or hand like a crab so individuals feel that this shrimp takes part in an extramarital entanglements with crabs. This shrimp is exceptionally well known in Wamena. These shrimp can be seared or bubbled. You should set aside the effort to go to Wamena and attempt the deceiving shrimp. There are numerous sightseers who are intrigued to attempt this food.


This is yam. Yam is the staple nourishment for the individuals of West Papua. The Papuan individuals don’t develop rice. The locals devoured yams and sago. Yams are the acquired food of the progenitors with high dietary benefit. The administration needs to form yams into an industry that can give advantages to the individuals of Papua. The administration needs to fabricate custard processing plant to expand the selling estimation of yam. Custard starch has a costly value contrasted with selling crude yams. This is an incredible chance to improve individuals’ economy. You should realize that yam have a superior impact contrasted with rice. Rice can trigger diabetes.

Aunuve Habre

This is run of the mill food from Papua. This food is produced using fish. This fish will be cut and wrapped utilizing taro leaves. This fish ought to be steamed utilizing salt and water in a skillet. The kind of this fish will be delicious in light of the fact that the flavors that saturate the fish. Each nibble will give you a tasty flavor.

That is some customary food of West Papua. On the off chance that you are a culinary sweetheart, at that point you should result in these present circumstances area and attempt each one of those nourishments. Your experience isn’t finished when you are not visiting this territory. There are numerous other customary nourishments that can be a pillar in this locale. Possibly you can’t overlook the flavor of this food. This food unquestionably gives an alternate taste different nourishments. Indonesia has numerous conventional nourishments from different areas. This is because of various societies in every one of these zones. In the event that you need to get another experience, at that point you can attempt the food from eastern Indonesia.





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