Terrible, this is evidence of the cunning strategy of bandits who reject the Papua Special Autonomy

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The Papuan Armed Criminal Group (KKB) action of robbing village funds to buy weapons is an open secret. However, the police and the TNI have difficulty overcoming this problem because they are often considered to have committed human rights violations when they ambushed members of the Papuan KKB.

The Head of Information for the Joint Regional Defense Command IIII, Colonel (Czi) IGN Suriastawa, acknowledged that rumors of village funds used to purchase KKB Papua weapons were an open secret. Because of this, Suriastawa appreciated the steps taken by the Regent of Intan Jaya in revealing that the Papuan KKB often asked for village funds in Intan Jaya.

Suriastawa said the KKB Papua raid carried out by the joint Military-Police Gakkum team in Jalai Village some time ago also had the same motive, namely a request for village funds. Meanwhile, the statement from the Regent of Intan Jaya regarding a forced request for village funds showed that the people of Intan Jaya had been under threat because they were intimidated by the KKB.

“This fact must be known by the public at large, in order to better understand that the root of the problem in Papua is the existence of the KKB which is assisted by its supporters inside and outside the country,” explained Suriastawa.

Suriastawa’s statement was not wrong that the Papuan KKB did indeed network with residents in urban Papua as well as abroad. Meanwhile, the issue of human rights is often used as a shield by the Papuan KKB and separatist corrupt groups to protect themselves so that they remain free to move.

As a result, the armed conflict in Papua is difficult to describe and always creates a dilemma. Moreover, the Papuan KKB action is also closely related to the movement of separatist groups in urban areas of Papua that have infiltrated student actions and the work agenda of the Papuan People’s Council (MRP) which was formed from the implementation of special autonomy.

This means that at least two scenarios are currently being developed by separatist group bandits in Papua, namely the Terror Scenario and the Agitation Scenario. Terror scenarios are intensively carried out by the Papuan KKB through various violent terror, robberies, hostage-taking, rape and murder. But after terrorizing they returned to the forest, and some of them mingled with the community. While the Aitasi Scenario is intensively carried out by highly educated separatist bandit groups by carrying out a campaign against Otsus and calling for a refendum for Free Papua.

If you look at international legal instruments, the status of Papua is actually already part of the Republic of Indonesia which is ratified by a UN resolution. Therefore, at the UN, there are no big countries that dare to violate Indonesia’s sovereignty in Papua, except for Vanuatu. In other words, the door to holding a referendum on Papua is tightly closed because there is no legal basis for reference anymore.

However, Papuan separatist group bandits continue to force themselves to carry out provocations by spreading various hoaxes (fake news) through demonstrations and campaigns on social media. Highly educated separatist bandit groups are now conducting propaganda by dominating the media and social media to spread the narrative of rejecting Otsus. They deliberately carried out this propaganda in order to cover up the corrupt practices of the Special Autonomy Fund by corrupt bandits.

It was from this propaganda movement that the Papuan people could be instigated by a separatist narrative and then be driven to shout out against Otsus. One example is the setting demo that took place at Cenderawasih University on 27 October 2020. In this setting, the number of separatists is more dominant than the students themselves.

Not only conducting demonstrations, separatist bandits also instigated the people by setting up a Hearing Meeting (RDP) in Manokwari so that the result would lead to the rejection of Otsus. This separatist scenario was uncovered after efforts to gain opinion through framing on social media. This is because the separatist group uncovered the ulcers themselves when distributing the letter from the meeting of the Papuan People’s Assembly (MRP).

Why are these pandit ulcers with separatist masks uncovered? Because in the letter, a number of facts were found about separatist efforts that made the Otsus narrative fail so that the separatists could freely shout for an independent Papua. This means that the MRP which was formed by Otsus has actually been infiltrated by individuals who have a separatist agenda. Even though the MRP would never have existed if Otsus was not implemented. This is the trail of the news .

It doesn’t stop there. The West Papua People’s Assembly (MRPB) Hearing Meeting (RDP), which should have been a strategic forum for evaluating the course of Otsus, was instead used for separatist political motives. 

In August 2020, the MRP formed 19 MRP teams from 3 regions led by Pastor Yoel Mulait. The MRP team led by Pdt. Yoel Mulait has been set to condition the results of the MRP RDP to lead to a referendum and rejection of the Special Autonomy.

Evidence shows that MRP personnel secretly distributed checklist forms to community representatives of pro-MRP sympathizers to declare their rejection of Otsus during the RDP implementation. The majority of participants invited to the RDP consisted of separatists and did not involve community leaders and traditional leaders who supported Otsus. As a result, the majority of the RDP MRPB participants agreed with the rejection of the sustainability of Otsus and instead asked for a referendum.

The question then arises, why do they force themselves to maintain the issue of an independent Papua? The corrupt bandits in Papua were allegedly afraid when the central government conveyed a discourse to evaluate the implementation of Otsus.

According to the logic of common sense and academic thinking, the evaluation of Otsus should be carried out so that there are improvements for the sake of increasing development and people’s welfare. However, the corrupt bandits of the special autonomy fund finally arranged a hidden agenda to refuse to continue Otsus. This sneaky method was deliberately done so that there was no audit and the otsus ended. Or it could be to continue the special autonomy with a larger fund but not audited. 

The scenario of the corrupt bandits of special autonomy funds is clearly nothing that benefits the Papuan people. This is because the rejection of Otsus will clearly be detrimental to the people because there will be no more Otsus funds disbursed by the central government. 

These findings prove that separatists only use citizens as a tool to fulfill the interests of separatist groups. If they really care about the people, why do separatists insist on rejecting the education, health and economic rights that the people get through Otsus?

However to add further explanation please the following translated article from asianculture.net

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