The World Recognizes that Papua is A Part of the Republic of Indonesia

SORONG, 15/07/2020 – Internationally, the issues about colonialism in the land of Papua, that echoed by activists and supporters of West Papua independence such as the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) led by Benny Wenda and the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) led by Agus Kossay, are believed to have no significant influence . Because, almost all countries in the world have recognize Papua as an integral part of Indonesia.

European Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Kemenlu), Ida Bagus Made Bimantara emphasized that the issues in Papua were entirely domestic affairs, and all countries understood and respected Indonesia’s position.

“Nearly 99.5 percent of the world’s governments recognize and respect Indonesia’s integrity, emphasizing that Papua is a part of Indonesia, only one country still questions that is Vanuatu,” said Ida Bagus Made Bimantara, in a discussion on “Why the Papua Issue is Internationalized” (Mengapa Isu Papua Diinternasionalisasi) (7/13).

So, at this time, Papua was now politically free. Elections have been carried out there, the Presidential Election, Regional Head Elections and granted special autonomy rights. In addition, the Indonesian Government continues to carry out affirmative action policies by making every effort to fulfill basic rights, including human rights.

Meanwhile, various types of accesses are also fully provided, such as providing fuel at the same price as in other regions in Indonesia, access to transportation and infrastructure continue to be built and health services are carried out.

What needs to be noted is that Benny Wenda, who continues to campaign for Papuan independence, has never actually contributed to Papua. He often asked for donations to fly around the world, spread provocation and hoax news, he even allegedly gave instructions to kill infrastructure development workers in Papua.

Ida Bagus Made Bimantara  said that the government is working hard to resolve the remaining problems. It even acted firmly against suspects expressing hatred towards Papua.

“That there are still obstacles, it cannot be denied. But at this time the condition of Papua continues to get better. As for the separatists, that does not contribute” said Ida Bagus.

The group’s action is also the same as insulting the democratic process that has been carried out by the people of Papua when voting in the election process, the Presidential Election, even the Regional Head elections, and electing members of the DPR, which incidentally are indigenous Papuans. While the separatists who live outside of Papua claim and often act in the name of a king.

“This underestimates democracy, they only want to achieve narrow goals outside the corridors of democracy. We must work together for the prosperity of Papua. Work with the welfare approach and humanitarian approach, “said Ida Bagus again.

Papua Bappenas Desk Institutional Expert, Moksen Idris Sirfefa added, Papua has a complex problem, requiring a comprehensive approach in its resolution. The government has always put forward a dialogue approach, also continues to support Papua with a special autonomy policy that continues to be improved so that it is increasingly relevant to the latest situation in Papua.

Therefore, he asked the people of Papua to not to be too lulled by the old issues that created for the benefit of small groups but more focused on the future. Old issues are often not fact based. Now, Otsus is a moderate middle way that is equally beneficial because the government has actually fully delegated Papuan policies to the regions.

The special autonomy fund has been very helpful because it reaches 60 percent of the provincial budget in Papua.

On the same occasion, Steve R Mara, Chairman of the Lira Youth Province of Papua, asked young Papuans to not just believe in the issue of Papuan internationalization which was driven by certain groups so that they forgot the great potential of the young Papuan generation.

Meanwhile, Michael Manufandu, Senior Ambassador of Papua’s Civil Service, also reminded, the progress in Papua has been extraordinary, especially in the era of the current government which focuses on improving the quality of human resources and access to infrastructure transportation.

“The central government has instead assisted Papua with funds through APBD, special funds, and other budgets for the progress of Papua. “The government delegates authority and budget, within the framework of the Republic of Indonesia, to develop Papua” Said Manufandu



(by;Agoes Apituley, adapted from

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